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ZoticTap Filter



ZoticTap is an Intelligent control faucet water purifier, designed for tenants who rent a house or people with low water consumption.

ZoticTap helps you solve the pollution problem from the water supply pipe to the faucet, and you can definitely drink directly without boiled water.

ZoticTap is guaranteed to be made with Food-Grade Materials. It has NSF certification and SGS inspection, and fully complies with the Standard of Drinking Water, Malaysian Food Act 1983 (Act 281).

ZoticTap adopts 5 layer filtration + double high-quality sodium-free filter element, including :

-  Korean hollow fiber membrane filters certified by NSF ~ 0.01~0.1 um. It can effectively filter out 99.99% of bacteria and retain the minerals needed by the human body.

- Silver impregnated granular coconut shell activated carbon, with unique silver-carrying technology. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, eliminate chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, remove color and odor.

The purpose of boiling water is to remove residual chlorine, remove pesticides and kill bacteria. Muds and Heavy Metals can only be filtered out by a filter system!
ZoticTap includes the above functions, you can rest assured to drink directly!

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Water Filter Johor Bahru JB | Water Dispenser Supply