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Water Purifier - Black

Water Purifier - Black

  • Direct Drinking Purified Water

  • Countertop / Undersink / Wall Hanging

  • 5 Stages Filtration System



1st stage – Sediment filter

Sediment filter maximizes the water purification effects from the initial stage by removing completely various settings of microorganism oxidized substances that include rust particles, dirt, sands, dust and other impurities particulates thereby improving the water clarity and taste.

2nd stage – Pre Carbon filter

Pre-Carbon filter is designed to remove any volatile organic chemicals, including bad tastes & odors, residual chlorine, harmful pesticides & herbicides, pigment and hundreds of other man-made chemicals found in tap water. Carbon is a substance widely used to absorb impurities  

3rd stage – UF Membrane

The pore size of the Ultra Filtration membrane is between 0.01~0.04 Micron filter screen out the foreign substance in water Only those mineral substances that are good to health

4th stage – Silver Carbon filter

Inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The addition of silver in the GAC of this filter has a brilliant performance of Anti-Bacteria.

5th stage – Post Carbon filter

Removes any unfavorable taste or odors and gives the water very pleasant taste and also absorbs residual chlorine & organic chemicals from tap water.  
Water Filter Johor Bahru JB | Water Dispenser Supply