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IONE 1044- FRB Tank Sand Media Outdoor Water Filter

IONE 1044- FRB Tank Sand Media Outdoor Water Filter

Enjoy Clear Water Throughout The Whole House!



The outdoor water filtration system is used to remove contaminants such as rusts, sands and mud. It will purify the tap water throughout the house to provide filtered water for all tap water in your house, so that you and your family can enjoy clean water for showering, brushing teeth, washing your face, washing your clothes, etc.

室外水过滤系统用于清除铁锈,沙子和泥土等污染物。 它将净化整个房屋中的自来水,为您房屋中的所有自来水提供过滤后的水,这样您和您的家人就可以享用干净的水来淋浴,刷牙,洗脸,洗衣服等等。

5 Layers Sand Filter Media

  • Activated Carbon 活性炭

    To reduce odor, chlorine and other contaminants in the water.

  • Zeolite 火山石

    Zeolite has an unusual crystalline structure and with greater absorbing power, meanwhile also removes suspended solids, soluble heavy metals & soluble ammonium.

  • Fine Silica Sand 幼沙

    Remove dirt and prevent diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Bihdryia and Amoeba.

  • Medium Silica Sand 中沙

    Further trapping of very fine sediment at the surface of fine silica sand.

  • Coarse Silica Sand 粗沙

    Most ideal use in domestic & industrial water filtration due to its high density and the high level of hardness and toughness. It is efficient for removing particles, sediments, mud, and suspended solids in the water.
    由于密度高,硬度和韧性高,因此是家庭和工业用水过滤的最理想选择。 它对于去除水中的颗粒,沉积物,泥浆和悬浮固体非常有效。

  • No electricity is required 无需用电
  • Ideal for residential/industrial / restaurant use 住宅/工业/餐厅使用的理想选择
  • Economical and convenience 经济又方便
  • Low maintenance fees 维护费用低
  • Multi-stage filtration 多层过滤
  • Reverse backwash system 反向冲洗系统
  • Extend the life span of various water utensils and water heaters 延长各种水器和热水器的使用寿命
  • The pressure gauge included 包括压力表
  • Food grade poly glass inner shell  食品级聚玻璃内壳
  • 10 Years Warranty on Fiberglass Body 玻璃纤维机身10年保修
  • ** 5 Years Warranty on water pipe leakage **水管漏水5年保修
Water Filter Johor Bahru JB | Water Dispenser Supply