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Korea Instant Tankless Hot, Ambient and Tepid Water Purifier

Korea Instant Tankless Hot, Ambient and Tepid Water Purifier

  • Slim and Compact Design

  • Instant Heating System

  • Ambient, Tepid 40°C~ 45°C, Hot 85°C~ 90°C

  • 90 Degree Turn of Head

  • Removable Tip for Sanitary

  • LED Touch Control Panel



Enjoy your drinking water with confidence every day!
Specialized filter technology can filter harmful bacteria and retain the minerals needed by the human body.
Instant Heating System to supply Hot Water directly and it is more fresh and hygienic.
A gentle touch, save the hassle of boiling water every morning!

每天放心享用您的饮用水! 专业过滤技术可以过滤有害细菌,并保留人体所需的矿物质 即时加热系统直接供应热水,更加新鲜卫生 轻轻一按,省去每天早晨煮水的麻烦!

Benefits of Direct Pipe In Water Dispenser

  • Cost-Effective |Save Money
  • Clean Filtered | Quality Water,
  • No Storage | No Dry Up
  • Go Green | Save The Earth

Features of Product


  3 Way 4 stages Water filtration  三层四重过滤

  • STEP 1: Compound (Sediment + Block Carbon)

    1. Sediment filter:

    removes dirt, dust, sand, rust and other solid particles before they reach the pre-carbon (or block carbon) filter. It protects the pre-carbon filter from being clogged.
    过滤器污垢、灰尘、沙子、铁锈和其他固体颗粒, 它可以保护预碳过滤器不被堵塞

    2. Block carbon filter:

    It is made of high purity activated carbon. It removes chemicals, residual chlorine, toxins and unpleasant flavour and odor which are hard to be biodegradable.


  • STEP 2: UF Membrane Filter

    It removes a variety of bacteria, other microscopic impurities and harmful organic chemicals inside water effectively.  

  • STEP 3: Block Carbon Filter

    Increase water purity by removing gas and bad odor which remain in water.  

Water Filter Johor Bahru JB | Water Dispenser Supply