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I One Water Trading is a company established since year 2009. At the beginning, we were focusing on the supply for Drinking Water Vending Machine. We found out that most of the...
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"I got this recommendation from a house agent. At first I was not very confident about it but till today roughly 3 months after installation, I'd say the quality is good. By far this is the cheapest for the quality I want..." Said Yvonne Cheong.
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Water Purifier

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ZoticTap Filter
ZoticTap Filter

  • Portable Direct Drinking Water Filter

  • Easy to Install

Product Description

ZoticTap is an Intelligent control faucet water purifier, designed for tenants who rent a house or people with low water consumption.

ZoticTap helps you solve the pollution problem from the water supply pipe to the faucet, and you can definitely drink directly without boiled water.

ZoticTap is guaranteed to be made with Food-Grade Materials.
✅ SGS inspection
✅ NSF certified materials
✅ The Food Act 1983 of Malaysian Food Law drinking water standard inspection. 

ZoticTap adopts 5 layer filtration + double high-quality sodium-free filter element, including :

-  Korean hollow fiber membrane filters certified by NSF ~ 0.01~0.1 um. It can effectively filter out 99.99% of bacteria and retain the minerals needed by the human body.

- Silver impregnated granular coconut shell activated carbon, with unique silver-carrying technology. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, eliminates chlorine, pesticides, chemicals and removes color and odor.

The purpose of boiling water is to remove residual chlorine, remove pesticides and kill bacteria. Muds and Heavy Metals can only be filtered out by a filter system!
ZoticTap includes the above functions, you can rest assured to drink directly!



Feature of Product


• Quick-change type cartridge and no tool is needed for replacement 

• NSF certified UF membrane can remove 99% bacteria, coliform, and other small water contaminants 

• LED filter cartridge changing reminder. The red light reminds you to change the cartridge 

• Power saving mode: the system will be power-off when it stops working for 15 mins. The power will be on when start using it.  

• Silver impregnated coconut carbon removes residual chlorine, chemicals, color, and odor 

• Water saving design can reduce your water bill 

• Pass 100,000 times cycle test under 60 ~ 90 PSI water pressure 

• Spare parts are tested and all pass cycle and burst test accordingly to NSF test standard 

• 100% original raw material production for water contact parts 

• 100% leak test before deliver 

• Made in Taiwan 




Water filtering: 3,000 liters 
Water purification: 2 liters/min (Underwater pressure 30psi)
Weight of aircraft: 270 g
Applicable water temperature: 0-40 °C
Applicable water quality: Tap water
Filter aperture: 0.01~0.15 um 

Recommended replacement time for filter cartridge:
Approximately 4-6 mths
(Depending on water quality and usage in each region) 

After replacement of the filter, please let the water run 30 seconds before using it.
When the amount of filtered water is reduced, even if the red LED light does not light up, it is also recommended to replace the filter. 

High: 11cm
Breadth: 7cm
Depth: 13cm
Internal tap connector
Toothless tap connector 

Can be used most of the Water Tap:
The corresponding faucet outlet diameter is 22mm.


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"At first I was not very confident about it but
till today roughly 3 months after installation,
I'd say the quality is good...
" Said Yvonne.
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Did you know that the cleanest-looking water isn't necessarily the healthiest? Sometimes, the greatest dangers with drinking water can't be seen, tasted, or even smelled.

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