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I One Water Trading is a company established since year 2009. At the beginning, we were focusing on the supply for Drinking Water Vending Machine. We found out that most of the...
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"I got this recommendation from a house agent. At first I was not very confident about it but till today roughly 3 months after installation, I'd say the quality is good. By far this is the cheapest for the quality I want..." Said Yvonne Cheong.
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Table Top Water Dispenser

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Table Top Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
Table Top Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Enjoy your fresh and clean water with just a gentle touch.

Save the hassle of boiling water every day!

Product Description

A direct piping two temperature hot and cold tabletop water dispenser, a specially designed 4 stages filtration system for purification of your water source that fed to direct piping water dispenser units.

With these carefully selected and best-matched filters installed in water dispensers, water from your main fed water pipe flow thru the 4 different water filters before it enters your water dispenser reservoir tanks, thus effectively removing and significantly reducing possible contamination that might be found in your water source, this ensures that your water dispenser will always produce the only refreshing taste and high quality filtered drinking water.

Benefits of Direct Pipe In Water Dispensers

  • Cost-Effective |Save Money
  • Clean Filtered | Quality Water
  • No Storage | No Dry Up
  • Go Green | Save The Earth

Feature of Product

  • Stainless tub with food-grade material to prevent bacteria breeding.
  • Prevent Overheating By Thermostat Protector.
  • Compressor Cooling System
  • Double secure against water overflow. (by a floating valve).
  • Fully automatic re-boiling & re-cooling system
  • Each hot and chilled water has its own individual tank.
  • Hot water safety function (Child Lock)


4 stages Water filtration  四层过滤


    The filter as a pre-treatment filter of water purification system removes bigger than 5-micron contaminants such as dirt, sand & oxide pollutants from tap water and protects membrane and pre-carbon filter from being clogged.

    Removes residual chlorine & absorbs harmful organic chemicals.  

    Inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The addition of silver in the GAC of this filter has a brilliant performance of Anti-Bacteria.

    Removes any unfavorable taste or odors and gives the water a very pleasant taste and also absorbs residual chlorine & organic chemicals from tap water.  
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"At first I was not very confident about it but
till today roughly 3 months after installation,
I'd say the quality is good...
" Said Yvonne.
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Do You Know?
Did you know that the cleanest-looking water isn't necessarily the healthiest? Sometimes, the greatest dangers with drinking water can't be seen, tasted, or even smelled.

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