Drinking Water System
Alkaline Water Filter
@Johor Bahru JB
Alkaline Water Filter - Johor Bahru JB
Drinking Water System
Outdoor FRP Water Filter
@Johor Bahru JB
Outdoor FRP Water Filter - Johor Bahru JB
Drinking Water System
UF Membrane Filter
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UF Membrane Filter - Johor Bahru JB

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I One Water Trading Sdn Bhd is a company established since year 2009. At the beginning, we were focusing on the supply for Drinking Water Vending Machine. We found out that most of the people in Malaysia need to have pure, clean, and healthy water at home with affordable price. We started to supply Outdoor & Indoor water filter system since 2011. Our aim is to provide our customer a pure, clean, and safe water. We are specialized in supplying hot & cold water dispenser, water filter, filter cartridge. We are also One Stop bathroom & kitchen accessories supplier. Providing quality water products and quality kitchenware & sanitary ware with reasonable price is our company’s main priority.
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Indoor Water Dispenser
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Water Filter System
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Membrane Filter
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Outdoor Master Filter
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"At first I was not very confident about it but
till today roughly 3 months after installation,
I'd say the quality is good...
" Said Yvonne.
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Do You Know?
Did you know that the cleanest-looking water isn't necessarily the healthiest? Sometimes, the greatest dangers with drinking water can't be seen, tasted, or even smelled.  more details »
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