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Victor Gong
3 Feb 2019
"Highly recommended!! Patience and professional!"
Wendy Qiing
3 Nov  2018
"handsome and professional boss, provide professional advice for me. Well installation of my water purifier dispenser !! Super satisfied!"
Shanker Rs
30 April 2018
"Well Recommended professional owner who did end to end installation by himself along with an assistant. Thank u for the neat installation and post-service.!"
Ken Neoh
31 October 2016
"水质甜、装嵌准、过滤劲,一句话,整条街的水机都赢完。和水有关的家居用品不找 I One 难道还有 I Two 可以选咩?"
Gibson Ong
7 Feb 2018
"If you are looking for a reputable company which provides consultation and service with a smile.I One Water is the company to look for. I was searching high and low for the best outdoor water filter, as there are a lot in the market. That is when i call up this company, this highly trained person by the name of MAX, consulted me on the types of the water filter, he patiently explained and enjoyed the process of educating me.
I was impressed with his knowledge and in fact having a joyful moment of purchasing a water filter from him. His installation of the water filter will do the talking. Pipes are neatly place and bolt and nuts are grade A. I am a proud owner of I ONE WATER Filter Today!"
Lier Celest 
21 Mar 2018
"老板人风趣幽默重点还是装工好~饮水机和过滤水机的外形都美美~推荐I one water!!! "
Yik Ming Tan  
28 July 2017
"Service & quality is the best~No matter how far it also be reach"
YL Cheong
28 July 2017
"品质耐 重点是装工细腻!! 装工不随便。 强力推荐 water one water!!!!"
 Choo Wai Keun Miko
 16 April 2017
 9 March 2017
"good service"
Adam Wang 
31 Oct 2016
"Thank You I One Water, my mum & I are satisfied with your service, fast and professional, really fix our problem"
Ken Neoh
31 October 2016
"I seldom endorse or recommend any specific person or company, however this one is different. Not only that the owner is coming all the way to my house to install during a public holiday on Deepavali Day, but he did it all by himself and under the rain. The outcome is a very neat installation with a good routing of piping and leakage proof, at the same time delivered a clean filtered water system while maintaining the original water pressure to the house. A truly recommended solution provider. If you want to have a good water system for your home, contact me or them at I One Water."
Ken Neoh
6 Aug 2016
"老板第一卖的是服务..水机是第二..Good service:)"
Water Filter Johor Bahru JB | Water Dispenser Supply