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Alkaline Water Purifier

Alkaline Water Purifier

Alkaline water enhances mineral absorption for our body, detoxifies waste accumulated in our body, and regulates body pH balance to mild alkaline


Direct pipe-in ​​water purifier with a specially designed 5-stage filtration system, It is used to purify the water source so that you can enjoy fresh drinking water every day, and save the hassle of boiling water every day!
Direct pipe-in 净水器,具专门设计的 5 级过滤系统, 用于净化水源, 让您每天放心享用新鲜的饮用水,省去每天烧开水的麻烦!

  • Direct Drinking Purified Water
  • Countertop / Undersink
  • No Electricity 
  • Tankless
  • 5 Stages Filtration System
  • Slim Design

1st stage – Ceramic Filter (Washable)

An excellent grade ceramic. Particles greater than 0.9 microns in diameter are tapped, effectively filtering 99.99% of harmful bacteria, dirt, asbestos, rust suspended solids and other pollutants.
优质陶瓷, 直径大于 0.9 微米的颗粒被轻拍,有效过滤 99.99% 的有害细菌、污垢、石棉、锈悬浮物和其他污染物


2nd stage – Sediment Filter

Removes bigger than 5-micron contaminants such as dirt, sand & oxide pollutants from tap water


3rd stage – Pre-carbon Filter

Removes residual chlorine, pigments, odors, detergents, heavy metals & other impurities.


4th stage – Alkaline Filter

Filtering out microplastics, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals. Turning your drinking water into alkaline mineral water that hydrates you quickly and efficiently to improve the body detoxification process & metabolism rates.
过滤掉微塑料、氯、重金属、细菌和化学物质. 将您的饮用水转化为碱性矿泉水, 快速有效地为您补充水分,从而改善身体的排毒过程和新陈代谢率


5th stage – Carbon Block Filter

Absorb ethylene dichloride,  bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, and harmful chemical materials. Eliminate bacteria such as E.Cli, Coliform, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Cysts. And enhance the alkalinity of drinking water.
吸收二氯乙烷、漂白剂、农药、氯气、气味、有害化学物质 消灭大肠杆菌、大肠菌群、隐孢子虫和贾第鞭毛虫囊肿等细菌,提高饮用水的碱度
Water Filter Johor Bahru JB | Water Dispenser Supply