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PVDF 3500 UF Membrane Filter (MATT)

PVDF 3500 UF Membrane Filter (MATT)

Enjoy Clear Water Throughout The Whole House!



The UF Membrane filter is used to purify the tap water throughout the house, so that you and your family can enjoy clean water for showering, brushing teeth, washing face, washing clothes.
Great for Skin Care and Healthcare. Protect your Household Equipment

超滤膜户外滤水器用于净化整个房子的自来水, 让您和您的家人可以享用干净的水来淋浴、 刷牙、洗脸,洗衣服。非常适合皮肤护理, 并保护您的家用设备 

PVDF Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

PVDF as wading product material, by the authority NSF.
And it is also the world's recognized high anti-pollution material, its production of PVDF Membrane pollution resistance is much higher than PVC, PAN, and other material films.
PVDF为涉水产品材料,获得NSF权威认证。并且也是世界公认的高抗污染材料, PVDF膜的抗污染性远高于PVC、PAN等材料膜 


Features of Product

  • Water Purify up to 99.99% 净水率高达 99.99%   
    Retain mineral substances, and effectively remove the sediment, rusts, suspended solids, algae, sand and other impurities 

  • Filtration Density 过滤密度
    The pore size in the range of 0.005-0.1μm, effective filter out viruses and bacteria
    (Bacteria found in the current minimum diameter of no more than 0.2μm 目前发现的细菌最小直径不超过0.2μm)

  • High Flow Rate, Support Large Usage 大流量,支持大用量 
    With 286 Hollow Fiber Membrane and special design 96 holes, the purifier water output is 3500L/H, enough for all families to use for 24 hours every day
    采用286中空纤维膜和特殊设计的96孔, 净水器出水量3500L/H,足够所有家庭每天24小时使用
  • SUS304 Matt Stainless Steel Casing  哑光SUS304不锈钢外壳
    Non-deforming and rustless 不变形,不生锈
    Elegant matte finish for easier care and less visible water stains
  • Space Saver 节省空间
    Can be mounted Vertical or Horizontal on the wall.
  • Hassle Free Self Maintenance  易于保养
    Turn on the control valve to perform backwash to clean up the dirt inside the UF membrane without tool
    只需打开三通控制阀进行反冲洗,无需等待专业技术人员, 无需工具即可简单完成冲洗UF膜内部的污垢


Menthod of Maintenance:

Step 1:
          【RINSE】Let the water drain out until the water is clean, approx.10 seconds

Step 2:
          【BACKWASH】Let the water drain out until the water becomes clean, approx.10 seconds

Step 3:
 Repeat【RINSE】Let the water drain out until the water is clean, approx.10 seconds

Step 4:
 DONE and switch back to【FILTER】

* Recommended to do BACKWASH once a week 
建议每周进行一次 BACKWASH
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