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PVDF 3500 UF Membrane Filter

PVDF 3500 UF Membrane Filter

Enjoy Clear Water Throughout The Whole House!



The Ultrafiltration membrane outdoor water filter is used to remove sediment, rust and other suspended particles, bacteria, colloids, organic molecules and other retain trace elements. It will purify the tap water throughout the house to provide filtered water for all tap water in your house, so that you and your family can enjoy clean water for showering, brushing teeth, washing your face, and washing your clothes.
超滤膜室外滤水器用于去除泥沙、铁锈等悬浮颗粒, 细菌、胶体、有机分子等保留微量元素。

PVDF Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

PVDF as wading product material, by the authority NSF.
And it is also the world's recognized high anti-pollution material, its production of PVDF Membrane pollution resistance is much higher than PVC, PAN, and other material films.
PVDF为涉水产品材料,获得NSF权威认证。并且也是世界公认的高抗污染材料, PVDF膜的抗污染性远高于PVC、PAN等材料膜

Pore size in the range of 0.005-0.1μm, effective removal of microorganisms, colloids, algae, sand, and other impurities.

100% Filter out viruses and bacteria.    
    (Bacteria found in the current minimum diameter of no more than 0.2μm)
    100% 过滤掉病毒和细菌。(目前发现的细菌最小直径不超过0.2μm)


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