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Pre-Installation Consultation

Need a water filter consultant to plan your budget or determine the right water filtration system for your house? You are at the right place, we have expert that can solve that problem for you. Feel free to call or email us to make appointment.

Installation of Water Filter System

Upon purchasing our water filtrations systems, you can rest assured as we provide one stop services which means that it includes installation of the water filter. We have experienced water filter installer that can help you install the water filter at your place on your desired date and time.

Inspection & Maintenance of Water Filter System

At I One Water Trading Sdn Bhd, our experts believe that maintenance is crucial as a dirty water filter will not efficient filter and produce clean water for your house. Our experts suggest that, smaller water filters need to be periodically maintain as it filter out minute particles from your water supply. You can rest assured that the maintenance personnel we sent to your premises to conduct maintenance is experience and professionally trained.

Change Filter Cartridge

Our services also includes changing of filter cartridge which is also an essential part of water filter maintenance.
Water filtration systems come in many shapes and sizes. But no matter where the filtration device installs, there is a good chance that it uses a filter media that will need to be replaced on a regular basis.
Why do Filters Need to be Changed?
  • Many filtration systems use carbon, charcoal or a blend of filter media to help reduce impurities. These systems generally reduce contaminants in one of two ways.
  • First, some contaminants are filtered mechanically, meaning they are large enough to be trapped in the pores of the filter. Other contaminants adhere to the surface of the filter media. Eventually, the surface area of the filter media becomes filled and no more contaminants can be adsorbed. Or, in the case of mechanical filtration, the pores of the filter become so clogged with debris that water is unable to move through the filter effectively.
  • While the latter is easy to spot, since the flow rate of the water being produced by the system slows dramatically, it's not as easy to tell when the surface area of the filter media has become full and needs to be changed.
How Often Should Filters be Changed?
  • The recommended filter change cycle varies from one product to the next. Home filtration systems usually have established "service cycles."
  • The service cycle may be for a specific number of gallons or an estimate of the number of months that a cartridge will last in the average home. To ensure the filter continues to reduce contaminants, replace it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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"At first I was not very confident about it but
till today roughly 3 months after installation,
I'd say the quality is good...
" Said Yvonne.
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Do You Know?
Did you know that the cleanest-looking water isn't necessarily the healthiest? Sometimes, the greatest dangers with drinking water can't be seen, tasted, or even smelled.

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